About Us

Philip and Bev Holmes lived in Nepal between 2004 and 2012 when they were at the forefront of a charity anti-child trafficking programme. This involved the rescue of Nepalese children from modern day slavery inside Indian circuses and their subsequent rehabilitation and reintegration with families and communities. The full story can be read through Philip’s inspirational and moving memoir, Gates of Bronze. During that time, they met with the committed local businesswoman and entrepreneur, Lily KC, who became a firm friend. Together they developed a vision for selling high quality, ethically sourced Himalayan products that could generate an income for beneficiaries and a profit for future charity activities.

After Philip and Bev returned to the UK in July 2012, they registered children’s charity ChoraChori to pursue their charitable interests in Nepal. Soon afterwards, Bev registered Juntara at Companies House as a for-profit business that would present the best that Nepal has to offer for home and lifestyle. Lily visits all local suppliers to ensure that they are bona fide with good working conditions and absolutely no child labour.

ChoraChori is currently at the forefront of the fight against child rape in Nepal which, sadly, has been on the increase. The charity counters this alarming development by rescuing and rehabilitating child victims while bringing the perpetrators to justice. For older survivors ChoraChori provides training into employment to help girls rebuild their lives. This is underpinned by 10% of Juntara profits being directed towards ChoraChori’s Nepal programmes.

Both ChoraChori and Juntara are based in Devon, southwest England.